About this website

Hello this is my page. I will be writing about myself, my life, some of my past, some of my present and my goals and hopes and dreams.


If my pages look unfinished miss arranged, with bad spelling and other mistakes, it’s because it is a work in progress…


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My Life

This website is mostly about my blogs. I plan to post some of my memories here. I also plan to post my journey through transition from female to male. There maybe a few poems, stories, and vents thrown in too.

This is my blog, my stories, my life journey.

Not sure how much I will make visible to others. Sometimes the mood will hit and I will probably let everything I have written be seen. And other times I will probably feel to vulnerable to share anything. I do that often.

A little about me;

Somethings I like and am into

Lover of music and art

Lover of film and good movies (sometimes like bad movies too)

Lover of binge watching a good or horrible series on Netflix, Amazon or Hulu

Occasional video gamer


Lover of a good book

Ghost hunter (not really, but I want to be)

Science geek

Longevity and immortality research supporter



Health research and alternative health stuff

Classic cars (especially mustangs, especially convertibles)

Gender and Sexual orientation

Transgender man (afab/ftm) (somewhat non-binary)


Personality traits

Myers-Briggs intj

Enneagram 6w5 with a strong 9 line.


Type C personality


Horrible housekeeper

Generally patient

Some socials things

Maternal dad

College student


Spiritual  (I have researched, studied and explored many religions, so far I haven’t found anything that I would glue myself to long term, however I have had experiences that have lead me to believe that there maybe more to life than flesh and blood and bone and plant and.. you get the point. I am also not scared to research paths that others would deem scary or bad)


Human rights supporter

Mental health and Developmental labels I have had placed on me (I don’t believe that all labels apply to me, but someone doctor, school, other, a couple things I figured out about myself and labeled for myself)(I am not embarrassed, they are just part of my experience)

Dyslexic (Self realized)

Dyscaculia (Self Realized)

Bipolar (Diagnosed Psych)

PTSD (Diagnosed Psych)

Social Anxiety & Phobia (Diagnosed Psych)

Aspergers (Diagnosed, but I don’t think it applies)

Suicidal tendencies (this seems to come and go and have been affecting me since elementary school)

OCD tendencies (Self Diagnosed)

ADHD (Put on me so they could put me on Ritalin when I was acting out, usually I was anxious, and felt uncomfortable for reasons I didn’t understand. I may have it or not, might just have a lot of anxiety)

Bulimia (have suffered from this since I was about 11, never been officially diagnosed)

Gender Dysphoria (diagnosed by MD) (Might have other kinds of body dysphoria, unrelated to gender, I have issues with liking my body at all. It is too fat, to ugly, to round, to feminine, to gross. But somehow I still like to do sexual things with it, probably because I can block out my body and just experience stuff without associating with my body)

Some Health issues

Celiac disorder Sufferer

Sufferer of Lactose intolerance

Sufferer of psoriasis; (Gross I know :-/  I have found that apple cider vinegar helps, and tea tree and coconut oil, and If I don’t get gluten-ed and if I don’t run into other dietary intolerance’s that I am not aware of, such as, when starting T I found out I am allergic to cottonseed oil that shit is in a lot of stuff! Psoriasis for me seems directly related to things that I eat, or as with the T shot, goes into my body otherwise)

Burial Plan (strange thing to put on a blog, I know, but it is here in case someone tries to disregard or inhibit in anyway, my wishes, just know, if becoming a ghost is a real thing, I will haunt you to the end!)

To be cryonically frozen by Cryonics Institute, to be paid for by my life insurance, Life insurance is made so half goes to my son, and half goes to CI, if someone tries to fuck me over and mess with my wishes, the money for CI goes to them anyways, and I have my DNA archived with them too. (other people believe in god, I believe in coming back some day in the future, neither one is any crazier than the other. Except one means you are dead, or not, shrugs)



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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.